Terms of Service

Equipment use and maintenance

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that he has inspected the equipment and that it is in good condition and suitable for the intended use.

Cycling involves risks. The Customer accepts that despite these risks, he wishes to rent and use the equipment and accepts full responsibility for the equipment, its safety and others.

Late returns will be charged.

The Customer will take proper and reasonable care of the equipment during the rental period and return it in good condition to Tere moorea Bike before 5.30 p.m. on the return date specified in the contract, unless otherwise agreed. Late returns will be charged at a daily rental rate until returned, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Customer warrants that all persons who will use the equipment are competent to use the equipment and will use the equipment in the manner in which it was designed to be used, follow all instructions regarding the use and safety of the equipment and will comply with all laws and obligations relating to the use and control of the equipment.
Any modification to the equipment is prohibited.

In the event of a puncture, assistance is provided by the Lessor and the costs of repairing the bike are the responsibility of the Lessor.

The customer is solely responsible for any damage or loss of the equipment during the rental period. The Customer will immediately notify Tere Moorea Bike if the equipment is damaged or lost, and will follow all instructions from Tere Moorea Bike regarding such damaged or lost equipment.

In case of damage

In the event of damage to the equipment (excluding reasonable wear and tear), however caused, the Customer shall be liable and pay Tere Moorea Bike the full cost of all repairs, including the cost replacement of all damaged parts and all labor to restore the equipment to the condition it was in at the start of the rental period. For the avoidance of doubt, Tere Moorea Bike has the exclusive right to reasonably determine: whether the equipment has been damaged during the rental period, whether such damage is beyond reasonable wear and tear, the extent of such damage and the total cost of necessary repairs.

In case of loss

In the event of loss of the equipment, whatever the cause, the Customer will be responsible and will pay to Tere Moorea Bike the total cost for Tere Moorea Bike to replace this equipment. He must within 24 hours declare to the competent authorities the loss or theft of the equipment for which he was responsible and provide a copy of this declaration.

Payment of all or part of the total price (including payment by credit card) constitutes acceptance of these T&Cs.
Full payment must be made before the start of the rental.

Nomenclature of degraded parts:

Giant Talon E+ 29ER : 2 300 €

SR Suntour XCM : 300 €

Giant contact : 80 €

Giant 30.9mm : 50 €

Giant Sport : 50 €

Ride Control : 150 €

Energypak 400 : 700 €

Shimano altus : 90 €

Shimano e-bike 9 speed : 70 €

Shimano 9 speed : 150 €

FSA Comet Ebike : 150 €

Shimano Alivio : 90 €

Tecktro 160/180 : 90 €

Shimano : 10 €

Giant TalonE+ : 20 €

Giant GX03V : 140 €

Maxxis Rekon 29 : 80 €

extrême VP47 : 10 €

Giant Compel ARX : 45 €

Giant Flex Combo : 30 €

KSA 18mm Trekkin : 25 €